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About Us

Custom PC Systems is the only computer system company in the country that specializes in the gaming structure of computer assembly and overclocking. We are dedicated to providing computer and gaming enthusiasts the most cutting-edge parts and technology the computer gaming industry has to offer. Our products and services allow customers to completely tailor PC systems to meet their unique wants and needs. To date, we have successfully assembled over 1500 custom PCs, earning our excellent reputation among even the most demanding computer and gaming enthusiasts.

Comprised of a dedicated team of highly trained computer experts, Custom PC Systems assembles top performance custom PC systems that appeal to computer fans and the most avid gamers alike. We specialize in Watercooling, Gaming, Modding, Overclocking, and Hardware upgrades. We proudly carry the most reputable brands on the market and serve as an official reseller of EKWB, the most sought-after brand in watercooling components. We believe in offering customers value for money and customer satisfaction is our priority, which is why we offer top quality products and services that are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Are you a computer enthusiast? We provide hardware, proprietary software and services such as maintenance, upgrades, and repairs to anyone looking to enhance their PC. Are you a company looking for simple yet effective PC systems within your budget? Custom PC Systems has a system that will meet your needs and your budget requirements. We also offer services to keep your PCs in tip top shape such as PC service/cleaning, and planning of PC equipment. Are you trying to get your hands on a specialized product that isn't available in our inventory? We can order and assemble the most specialized products you desire.

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