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Supplementary Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

Supplementary Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

  1. This supplementary warranty and money-back guarantee (the “Supplementary Document”) supplements the Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) published by Custom PC Solutions LTD having an address at Steliou Kyriakidi 45, Limassol, 3080, Cyprus (“we” or “us”).
  2. This Supplementary warranty applies only to Custom Desktop Computers. For the purposes of this Supplementary Document, the term “Custom Desktop Computers” means desktop computers which are customized in accordance with the needs of particular clients.
  3. In case of a conflict between the Supplementary Document and the Terms, the Supplementary Document shall prevail and control.
  4. STATUTORY WARRANTY. The warranty stated in Section 6 of the Terms applies to defective products for 24 months from the date of supply (the “Statutory Warranty Period”).
  5. EXTENDED WARRANTY. We warrant your product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and to perform satisfactorily during the time period commencing 2 years from the date of supply and ending 3 years from the date of supply (the “Extended Warranty Period”). In case within the Extended Warranty Period, our product shows any defect caused by faulty materials and/or workmanship, we will make arrangements for free of charge service. If a repair is not possible or is considered uneconomical, we may replace the product with the same or equivalent product or part. We reserve the sole discretion as to whether to replace a product rather than repair it. If a replacement is provided the product or part replaced becomes our property. We may replace parts with refurbished parts.
  6. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. You may return your product to us and obtain a refund of 80% of the price of the returned product (we will keep a 20% restocking fee) provided that you contact us within thirty (30) calendar days as of the date of delivery of the product (the “Money-Back Guarantee Period”). The preceding sentence does not apply to: (i) Custom PCs purchased for more than EUR 2000; (ii) Custom PCs with Custom Watercooling Loops; and (iii) Custom PCs with Custom Modifications, and (iv) services provided by us (e.g., Express Assembly, Express Shipping, Overclocking services). The refund will be provided within a time period of 30 days commencing on the day when we receive the return. Please note that the 14-day statutory right of withdrawal provided by the EU law does not apply to goods made to order or clearly personalized.
  7. SHIPPING COSTS. The following terms shall apply to the payment of shipping costs:
  8. Statutory Warranty Period: For products located in Cyprus, we offer free of charge pick up and return services for the duration of the Statutory Warranty Period.“For products located outside Cyprus, the following terms apply for the duration of the Statutory Warranty Period: (i) you will be responsible for the costs of returning the product to us; and (ii) we will cover the costs of returning the repaired or replaced product to you.
  9. Extended Warranty Period: If you would like to return your product to us during the Extended Warranty Period, you will be responsible for (i) the costs of returning the product to us and (ii) the costs of returning the repaired or replaced product to you.
  10. Money-Back Guarantee Period: If you would like to exercise your rights under Section 6 “Money-Back Guarantee”, you are responsible for paying the costs for returning your product.
  11. We employ remote diagnostic software which facilitates the resolution of technical issues. We record your use of the remote diagnostic software for auditing purposes.
  12. If your product no longer falls within the scope of our warranties, it may still be warranted under a manufacturer’s warranty. If this is the case, we will do our best to help you to exercise your warranty rights.
  13. All returned products must be accompanied by its original accessories, packaging, and manuals.
  14. Please contact our customer support before returning any products.
  15. We kindly request you to carefully consider your purchase as you may not be able to change your order once the purchased product has gone into production. A service fee of 5% applies to all cancelled processed orders, irrespective of whether the order has been shipped.
  16. This Supplementary Document does not cover any defects mentioned in Section 6.3 of the Terms.
  17. This Supplementary Document applies only to products sold directly by us.

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